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How to Whiten Yellow Teeth for Older People

old woman smile with white teeth

How to whiten yellow teeth? It is a commonly asked question. When we see billboards, ads, online campaigns, and television commercials, we see mostly young people with sparkling bright teeth. What about the seniors, you may ask. Can they also whiten their teeth? We’ll discuss further how teeth whitening can be beneficial even for older people, especially when done correctly.

It’s only natural that we become warier of dental concerns as we age, including discolored or stained teeth. Getting old is part of aging, and teeth whitening procedures for seniors can be done if we follow authorized dental associations’ guidelines worldwide.

Our Teeth Becomes Yellowish as We Get Older

There are many reasons why our teeth become yellowish as we age. One of these is that our teeth are made up of two layers- the upper layer is the enamel, while the layer beneath is the dentin. The dentin is where the nerve and blood supply are located. Visit the website of Premier Smile Australia for an even brighter shade today!

The first or upper layer, the enamel, is made of minerals like calcium and phosphorus crystals. The phosphorus crystals reflect and refract light causing our teeth to be translucent. As we get older, our enamel wears out and exposes the lower layer, dentin. The dentin is naturally yellowish- the reason our teeth become yellowish as we age.

Before Whitening Aging Yellow Teeth

Home whitening products can be effective in removing stains on your teeth and are affordable too. However, some precautions must be taken into consideration, especially if you are already a senior. You can try any of the following:

Whitening Toothpaste

Whitening yellowish teeth can be achieved by using whitening toothpaste and are considered safe to use as they have lower hydrogen peroxide content. Although safe to use, it can take longer to whiten your teeth as it has a meager amount of bleach in them.

Bleaching Tray

Another home whitening product is the bleaching tray. Bleaching trays contain high amounts of hydrogen peroxide. Ideally, get your bleaching trays from the dentist as these are custom made and are highly effective.

Consult Your Dentist

As a senior, before using any home whitening products for a teeth whitening procedure, it is essential to consult your dentist first. Seniors need to consider their overall health when thinking of undergoing a teeth whitening procedure. Sensitive gums and dry mouth can further be aggravated when undergoing a whitening procedure. Visit the website of Premier Smile Australia for a safer procedure and an even whiter smile today!

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