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Vertical Lines After Teeth Whitening

vertical links after teeth whitening

Having lines on teeth right after a teeth whitening procedure isn’t something unusual. Usually, after undergoing teeth whitening, most people experience having vertical lines. Of course, we don’t want these white vertical lines on our teeth, especially the frontal ones. But these white lines tell a story about your oral hygiene and what they mean. Visit the website of Premier Smile Australia for an even brighter shade today!

Primarily, getting uneven whitening and having lines on teeth is the result of doing home whitening procedures. Our teeth are lighter in some areas and are already uneven in their shade, and when we do home whitening, some of these parts stand out. So our best bet for an even whiter shade is the dental professional.

They are Pre-Existing

For one reason, your teeth’s enamel is thinner in some areas. Another reason is that these white lines show that your teeth lack minerals.

Having lines on teeth can be useful if we know what to do about it. Your dental professional often knows what to do about it depending on the causes.

Causes of the Vertical Lines

There are three main reasons for lines on teeth. These are:

The Tooth Enamel is Thinning

The tooth’s dentin is beneath your tooth’s enamel. When the enamel wears out, it exposes the often yellowish dentin. As you get older, the more the dentin is exposed and your teeth uneven in shade and brightness. If this happens to you after the whitening procedure, it is because of the dentin, and this is a clear sign of thinning enamel.

The Culprit is Hypocalcification

Not only does age causes discoloration, but also because of the lack of minerals. As your tooth loses minerals, it undergoes a process called hypocalcification. Hypocalcification is caused by a lack of proper oral hygiene and good habits. It looks chalky white and sticks out after a tooth whitening.

When Your Tooth Dehydrates

Hydrogen peroxide gel, a key ingredient used is usually used in high dosage by the dentist in performing teeth whitening procedures. The gel opens enamel pores to clear particles that cause stains in whitening teeth. Teeth whitening left white spots? After the process, teeth become dehydrated, leaving behind white spots or lines. Luckily, these white spots are just temporary. Visit the website of Premier Smile Australia for an even brighter shade today!

Consult Your Dentist

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In case you’re left out in the dark as to what to do about your whity spots, it might be best to consult your dentist about this. For a brighter smile that lasts, visit the website of Premier Smile Australia!

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