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Home Kits or In-Office Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure that can be done in a dentist’s office or at home. There are two main methods of teeth whitening treatments

Home Kits

Home kits are one of the most popular way to do teeth whitening. The teeth whitening products can have great results. Coming with a tray that is filled with a gel or light-activated solution. That is applied to teeth for about an hour before being removed and then brushed off.  These whitening kits, strips and treatments are available at the drugstore or online. These are typically less expensive than in-office procedures and can be used at home.

Strips are another popular way to whiten teeth because they offer an easy way for people who don’t want to invest in expensive treatments but still want whiter teeth. The teeth whitening process takes about 20 minutes.

Benefits of Home kits

  • The convenience aspect of at home teeth whitening products is what usually is a big positive for people. Plus being able to do the teeth whitening procedure in the comfort of their own home.
  • Generally, teeth whitening home kits are more affordable.
  • Another benefit of at-home teeth whitening is that it is a quick and easy process. Going into a dental office for appointments and check-up appointments can be a timely process that may not accommodate certain people’s lifestyles.

Negatives of Home Kits

  • Some at-home kits can be dangerous and claim that they are using all-natural products when in reality there might be harsh chemicals in them which may harm your teeth. They also may not be the best for people who struggle with sensitive teeth.
  • Without the direct supervision of your dentist teeth whitening on your own can be unsafe. As it is common for people to leave the whitening strip or mold on for longer than recommended which again can harm your teeth, especially those with sensitive teeth.

 In-Office Whitening

Additionally, in-office whitening procedures, typically use a gel that is applied to the teeth and then activated by a laser.

We must also mention that at SmileBar we provide in-office whitening procedures at an affordable price with a range of teeth whitening treatments that will have you ditching the home kits and strips. We offer a SmileBar Triple Action Package and a SmileBar Ultra Bright Package. But, don’t worry if you’re unsure on what package is right for you. When you sign up with us you get an initial consultation with a qualified teeth whitening specialist, who will discuss the best procedure that will deliver the best results for you.

Benefits of In-office whitening

  • Overall, in-office teeth whitening is safer and can actually save more time in the long term. A professional is directly involved in the teeth whitening process from start to end.
  • The cost of teeth whitening is usually what scares people away from conducting it with a professional. However, the overall cost of teeth whitening is an investment and you will receive the long-term benefits of seeking your teeth whitening needs from a professional.

Negative of In-office whitening

  • Choosing to go with in-house teeth whitening with a professional may be pricey depending on what you are willing to spend on your teeth. However, the investment is certainly worth it as you will be reaping the benefits in the long term. 

Check out more about Premier Smile’s treatment packages here.

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