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Is it Safe to Have Your Teeth Whitened While Pregnant?

teeth whitening risks during pregnancy

Pregnancy makes a woman feel good about herself. Hence, they may take interest in getting several beauty treatments, including professional teeth whitening. Whiter teeth make a person look attractive and beautiful. But, is it safe to get a teeth whitening treatment during pregnancy? Let’s find more in the article.

What is teeth whitening, and how does it work?

Dental bleaching or teeth whitening is a chemical process of removing stains from the patient’s teeth. A dental bleach product, possibly hydrogen peroxide, is applied to the teeth for an assigned period to get rid of stains on tooth enamel. These products help remove teeth yellowing that is a result of pigmented food and beverages, illness, smoking habit or poor oral health.

Is teeth whitening safe during pregnancy?

Many doctors advise that pregnant women should avoid getting dental bleaching treatment during pregnancy. Almost all cosmetic and chemical teeth whiteners contain hydrogen peroxide, which can cause tissue damage if used in high concentrations.

Teeth Whitening risks during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the female body is more vulnerable to injury, illness, and infection. Even mild treatments like teeth whitening can cause side effects during pregnancy. Here are a few risks that can occur due to teeth whitening:

  • Pregnancy Gingivitis – Gum inflammation or pregnancy gingivitis is another problem during pregnancy because of the change in hormones. Pregnancy hormones raise the blood flow to the gums, making them more prone to become tender and bleed. Expecting females are advised to avoid teeth whitening and maintain proper dental hygiene to decrease gum inflammation and prevent Pregnancy Gingivitis.
  • Tooth sensitivity – Whitening products have high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide that can cause teeth sensitivity. Any hot or cold food item can seep through your enamel and irritate the nerves of your teeth.
  • Unknown effects on the baby – There’s no proven theory about the effect of hydrogen peroxide on a developing baby. Doctors and dentists suggest that it’s better to play it safe and avoid teeth whitening when expecting.

Natural Teeth Whitening Methods

You might not be able to go for professional teeth whitening treatments during pregnancy, but you can choose natural teeth whiteners that are completely safe and effective. Here are a few natural whiteners:

  • Strawberries – One of the best natural teeth whiteners, strawberries contain malic acid that helps dissolve dental plaque and leave your teeth whiter. Mash these berries into a paste and apply directly on your teeth with a brush or finger. Leave the paste for about five minutes and rinse your mouth with plain water.
  • Crunchy, raw vegetables – When you chew on crunchy, healthy foods, you can easily get rid of the amount of yellowing plaque. Crunchy vegetables help you get clear, whiter teeth.
  • Apple cider vinegar – This liquid also contains malic acid that helps remove stains from your teeth. Apply the vinegar to your teeth and rinse away with water. Wait for a few minutes before brushing your teeth after rinsing. Apple cider vinegar is an acidic substance that can temporarily soften the tooth enamel.
  • Baking soda – Baking soda is mildly abrasive and can help you get rid of dental stains. Mix baking soda and water in a dish and apply directly to your teeth. Brush in your usual manner and rinse thoroughly.
  • Pineapple – An enzyme found in pineapple can be very beneficial for your body and teeth. It helps remove stains on teeth and is safe during pregnancy.
  • Coconut oil – Oil pulling is another at-home teeth whitening method that can reduce the number of bacteria in your mouth and give you a brighter smile.

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If you are choosing professional teeth cleaning, it can help you get back your whiter smile. Dental cleanings should continue during pregnancy. Your teeth demand extra care during pregnancy because of enamel sensitivity. Consult with your dentist and talk about different ways to help you get safe teeth whitening treatment.

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