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What is the Best Way to Whiten Teeth?

Find out the best way to whiten teeth

There are many ways to whiten your teeth, just as there are many reasons why our teeth become discoloured over time. If you follow some of these top, dentist recommended methods for best teeth whitening in sydney, you’ll be on the way to restoring them to a naturally bright, sparkling appearance.

It’s also important to learn and remember which products to use, which habits to form (or bad habits to break) and to stay consistent for the best results over time. White teeth may not come overnight, but with the right steps in place you’ll quickly see great results.

Let’s find out more about the best practices for home teeth whitening 

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This should be obvious, but make sure you visit and talk to your dentist first during routine checkups. Dental teeth whitening or home teeth whitening kits are a great option you can consider, but make an appointment to discuss this with your dentist first. Always remember, teeth whitening is a great and safe cosmetic enhancement, but it doesn’t act as a replacement for good oral health.

  • Take Care of Your Teeth

Try to reduce your intake of coffee, wine, soda and other sugary drinks as they stain and discolour your teeth. There are many types of food and drink that discolour your teeth with prolonged use over time, so be mindful of this, enjoy in moderation and brush thoroughly afterwards. 

The stains caused by the aforementioned food and drink types can be removed through various means, such as a dental whitening procedure, and home teeth whitening kits. Another method which helps is to try to rinse your mouth with water within 30 minutes of consuming drinks like coffee and wine, as this will help. If you want to learn more about how to whiten teeth in a safe environment, visit Pure Smile Australia.

  • Eat Foods Good For Your Teeth

Munching and consuming certain types of foods can actually help to clean teeth by scrubbing away food debris from inside your mouth. These food types include apples, cheese, milk, yogurt, nuts, celery, broccoli and carrots. So consider this as an extra, handy snack after your coffee or meal.

  • Regular Brushing and Flossing

Regular brushing and flossing will always help remove food debris in your mouth and the crevices in your teeth, and even gums, that can lead to staining and discolouration. Just be extra careful when you floss and always floss below the gumline. 

  • Use Whitening Toothpaste

By using whitening toothpaste, your teeth will have a chance at becoming gradually brighter and naturally white over time. Whitening toothpastes contain small amounts of hydrogen peroxide which work gradually, but are very safe, easy to use and can form part of your home brushing routine.

You may also want to complement these simple steps with home teeth whitening kits and products. Visit Pure Smile Australia for a range of excellent, dentist approved products all at great prices, and many available with free domestic shipping. So rediscover your natural smile today.

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