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What You Should Know About Home Teeth Whitening

home teeth whitening solution

Most of us know that teeth whitening is a very affordable, safe, and quick dental procedure which whitens your teeth by removing stains and discolouration. It is very popular among all age groups as it is a safe and simple procedure that can achieve amazing results for self-confidence. 

To help us be better informed on what home teeth whitening is all about, here are 7 facts around home teeth whitening. 

Bondi Smile Teeth Whitening kits

1.Teeth Whitening is a Very Safe Procedure

Teeth whitening is not only incredibly easy, it’s a very safe cosmetic procedure and will not cause any damage to the teeth. Bondi Smile Australia has teeth whitening kits and products that are affordable and simple to use at home. The ingredients used in the range of kits and products are safe and will not cause any damage. Professional teeth whitening products that can be applied from the comfort of your home, with wonderful white teeth showing in no time.

2.Discolouration Takes Days to Remove

Almost all home teeth whitening products take a few days to penetrate and remove the stains on your teeth. The ingredients used, such as gel, will take time to be absorbed into your teeth and start the bleaching process. It may take three days or more to begin to see results. However, it may take a little longer for people with extremely discoloured teeth. It is then very easy to maintain brighter teeth once any stains have been removed.

3.The Best Time For Teeth Whitening is Bedtime

It is usually immediately after the teeth whitening procedure that your teeth have a higher chance of being discoloured again, as teeth pores are wider and substances can easily penetrate. So, bedtime is the best time for teeth whitening as it is less likely that restaining will happen, and gives teeth the opportunity to rehydrate and remineralise. 

4. Perfect White is a Myth

Your natural teeth colour is already determined at birth, and there are many different natural shades of white or ivory. In short, there is no such thing as “perfect”. Although not everyone can achieve their idea of perfect white teeth after applying home whitening products, most customers are very happy with stains being removed from their teeth after undergoing a simple whitening treatment. 

5. Tooth Sensitivity is Normal After Teeth Whitening

It is normal for most people to feel tooth sensitivity due to genetics, thin enamel, or cracked and damaged teeth. Our teeth will feel some sensitivity when undergoing teeth whitening since they become temporarily dehydrated making the teeth less able to insulate nerves from temperature changes. 

Bondi Smile Teeth Whitener Australia

However, after about 12-36 hours, any sensitivity will completely disappear after completing the teeth whitening procedure. At Bondi Smile Australia we ensure that our teeth whitening products include desensitising ingredients to minimise any unnecessary sensitivity on your teeth. Visit the website here to know more about us and learn more on our teeth whitening kits and products

Why Choose Bondi Smile Australia?

There are many reasons why you should choose Bondi Smile Australia:

  • Affordability
  • Safety
  • We Support Health
  • Pain-free Treatment
  • Easy Home Treatment
  • Free Worldwide Delivery
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